Mastering Badminton Vol. 1 - Singles

Take your badminton singles game to the next level with the help of Kowi Chandra. Assisting him are several other top players: Riky Widianto, Jenna Gozali and Febriyan Irvannaldy. Chandra teaches numerous tips, techniques and drills that will help give you an edge over the competition. Among the topics covered are: Mastering Your Footwork, Mastering Your Offense and Mastering Your Defense. This comprehensive video can help improve your game and teach you to play like a champion!

In 2010, Chandra was named as the head coach of the Bay Badminton Club in Milpitas, California. He has taken students to various prestigious tournaments around the world. In 2015, Chandra led Team USA for the World University Games and Pan American Junior Championships. The team won the Gold Medal at Pan Am Junior Championships in Mexico.

Chandra is a USA Badminton High Performance Certified Coach, was the recipient of 2013 USA Badminton (USAB) Development Coach of The Year. He is also a member of Coaching Advisory Group, which is responsible for the development of badminton coaches in the USA.

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70 learners
1 hours
1 quizzes
5 lessons
What you'll learn
  • Students will learn the key fundamentals used by top level badminton players.
  • Numerous tips taught by Kowi Chandra
  • They will understand how to play and practice the singles game.
  • Improve your game and teach you to play like a champion

There are no prerequisites required. Students will just need a badminton racquet, shuttlecocks, a court and another player to practice the drills.



In badminton for you to score a point the shuttlecock must hit within the parameters of the opponents court. This indoor game is very interesting and can only be rivaled by tennis though completely different. Do you know all the rules of the game? Take up the quiz below and find out!


Eventually we all end up in a defensive situation. Getting the fundamentals right in the defense will make it easier for you to get to a more offensive variation. In this badminton tutorial we bring you 3 different defensive footwork. 
My friends at Basic Feather have created the ultimate guide about defensive footwork in badminton. The persons in the video is former World Champion Morten Frost and professional badminton coach and player Flemming Quach. Nice working together with you.