Foundational singles technique in badminton

This course aims to create a clear image of what foundational technical skills for singles look like and how to perform each stroke in the correct tactical situation. It is a practical (on-court) course with a lot of information, structured clearly in topics and sections.

It is designed for all levels. Before starting this course, basic badminton knowledge is recommended, but not necessary.

This course answers the questions - what do we teach in every stroke, the purpose of each stroke, which situation do we use different strokes in, and how is everything linked together. You will learn the starting positions, technical details regarding all aspects of the strokes, and many tips and tricks you as a coach or as a badminton player should avoid.

It relates every stroke to the relevant tactical situation, so the players can learn how to distinguish the best choices in each tactical zone they can be. The course presents a complete curriculum that sets a strong foundation for any player.

The course is consistently updated, based on the best showcases and experiences currently seen in the top badminton, and fully backed up by researchers in Loughborough University (Number 1 in sport-related subjects worldwide). It uses a block training approach to introduce all strokes in a systematic matter.

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60 learners
1 hours
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5 lessons
What you'll learn
  • Learn step by step details of how to play over 70 strokes in badminton singles
  • Learn which strokes to play in which tactical situation in singles
  • Learn basics of starting positions, grips, shuttle spins, jumps etc. in badminton
  • Learn common footwork movement for singles badminton

No pre-requisites are required for this course. This is a basic, foundational course.

Additional information

This course is intended for badminton coaches, players, parents and any one else interested in learning the basics and technical details of foundational technique in singles in badminton. The course does not cover 'How to coach singles?' or does not give you specific drills and progressions to learn to perform each stroke.

Foundational singles technique in badminton


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