Badminton Tips and Techniques

Are you ready to take your badminton skills to the next level? This comprehensive program features instruction from expert player and coach Andy Chong. Andy provides numerous tips and techniques that will help give you an edge over the competition. Among the topics covered are: grips, footwork, drive, clear, drop, lift, smash, defending the smash, the wall drill, net play, serve, serve return, warming up before a match and weight training. Andy Chong can help improve your game and teach you to play like a champion! 68 minutes.

Andy Chong has been playing badminton since he was 11 years old. He has been representing Malaysian badminton since he was 16 years old. In 1983, he was named Malaysian Sportsman of the Year. For over 20 years, Andy won several badminton championships in Asia and throughout the world. He has previously been ranked #1 in the USA in both singles (1991-93) and mixed doubles (1991-2002). Andy's coaching accomplishments are equally impressive. He has been the Club Professional in numerous top clubs throughout the world. Chong is one of the few Level 4 High Performance Coaches in the United States. Andy was the USA Badminton National Coach of the Year twice, in 2009 and in 2011. He has led many US Teams in international tournaments. Andy Chong is currently the Owner/President of AC Academy and Head Coach at Mill Works and Boston Badminton in Massachusetts.

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70 learners
2 hours
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9 lessons
What you'll learn
  • One primary objective is to enable students to experience the enjoyment of badminton while maintaining a consistent skill level.
  • A key goal is to impart a deep understanding of various badminton shots and provide comprehensive training on footwork through a variety of drills.
  • Additionally, the program aims to introduce specialized weight training exercises tailored to enhance the performance of badminton players.
  • The students will develop a well-rounded skill set in badminton, including shot selection, footwork, and physical conditioning, leading to an enhanc

There are no prerequisites required. Students just need a badminton racquet, shuttlecock, court and another player to practice the drills. A lightweight bar is needed for the weight training segment.

Badminton Tips and Techniques


In badminton for you to score a point the shuttlecock must hit within the parameters of the opponents court. This indoor game is very interesting and can only be rivaled by tennis though completely different. Do you know all the rules of the game? Take up the quiz below and find out!