Advanced Badminton V1

Take your game to the advanced level with the help of 13-time United States National Champion Kevin Han. In this very comprehensive video, Kevin demonstrates and explains everything it takes to become a top level player. Among the topics covered are: footwork drills, net shot skills, jump smash, backhand clear, singles drill, full court combined drill, combined singles drill, defense drill, net kill drill, smash and net kill drill, doubles defensive drill, doubles attacking drill, front net attack, doubles smash drill, doubles drive drill, smash and drive drill, multi-shuttle net drill, doubles serve and return drill, and doubles positioning. This video is a must have resource for any serious badminton player.

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30 learners
1 hours
1 quizzes
5 lessons
What you'll learn
  • Students will learn the fundamentals of playing and practicing competitive badminton.
  • The students will understand how to execute a wide variety of shots and skills for singles and doubles.
  • The students will know a wide variety of advanced drills they can use to improve their skills.
  • The students will know several competitive badminton rules, regulations and strategies.
  • Students should already be proficient in various badminton fundamentals.


Badminton is a fun and interesting sport that people of all ages can learn to play and enjoy. It can be played without needing many people or equipment. Check out the following trivia badminton quiz questions and answers to see how much you know about this popular activity.